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12 Most Important Tips for an Effective SEO Strategy

12 Most Important Tips for an Effective SEO Strategy

12 Most Important Tips for an Effective SEO StrategyEvery business that utilizes online marketing strategies is aware that in the present digital age, technology evolves at a mind-boggling rate. Similarly, the algorithms that search engine crawlers or bots are made up of, are continuously evolving and are upgraded. For a business that uses online marketing strategies, it is important to keep abreast of the latest developments in marketing content, in order to fully optimize search engine bots.

To successfully digitally market your content, your SEO should be the mainstay of your content marketing strategy. As a digital marketing firm, LocalBizNetwork would like to share this checklist, to help your business successfully navigate the evolving algorithms and Search Engine Optimization practices.

Create an SEO Map

chalk out your content strategy, depending on where your content presently is aligned with SEO best practices and map out a plan. If you do not know where to begin, then start with a basic plan and build your strategy as you progress, making sure you document each action plan, you put into action.  After you create a basic plan and before you move to build upon that basic plan, conduct an audit, gather data and analyze it, to measure how successful your SEO efforts were. Tracking and documenting your content marketing strategy is the main and most important factor that plays a vital part in any content marketer’s success.

Content Marketing and SEO are Inter- linked

With the limitless fountain of information floating around on the internet, you perhaps may be sitting on the fence, not knowing whether to follow content marketing strategies or SEO practices, to present content. STOP! Think, before you make a choice. Because just following either one of them will not help you best optimize the reach of your content. Partnering your content marketing strategy with SEO practices will produce effective results and considerably increase the probability of your content being found by the search engine crawlers or bots.

Evaluate the Effectiveness of SEO

Having implemented your content marketing and SEO strategy, evaluating the progress of your search engine optimization is a good place to begin. In the fast-paced digital industry, where the algorithms are frequently being changed and upgraded, auditing your SEO and content is necessary for your content to stay on top and to progressively move forward.

Channels Play a Role

All Search Engine Optimization algorithms or bots do not have any confirmed first page to continuously bring only that content up. Use the 3 channels of owned, paid and earned strategies for best results of SEO. These 3 channels of owned, paid and earned strategies play an important role in maneuvering individualized search results.

Contextual Search Patterns

As a result of personalized searches, SEO no longer uses the traditional metrics of page and keyword ranking to quantify the success of content marketing or SEO. The present trend of search concentrates more on the context or semiotics of a search. This has reframed the way the success of digital marketing content is measured. To measure SEO success, there is a suggestion that the velocity, variety, volume and veracity of content be included, so that content marketers can develop and market their endeavors, using these metrics to measure their success.

The Role of Keyword

Though search engine bots focus on contextual searches, incorporating the right keyword in your content is still essential. If you post content without considering or using SEO or keyword strategies, it does not mean that your content will not be ranked. It will be ranked on some page, and given search patterns of the public, most people will not search beyond a few pages that are upfront. Consequently, you run the risk of having to constantly change your content within a short time. If you create content frequently, then research and make a list of keywords that you can use in the content, so that your content can optimize the benefits of the search engines.

Enrich Your Content

Using your list of keywords, your next steps would be to create and optimize your content with the “target keywords”, using them judiciously.

How SEO orchestrates Social Media

One of the rules of content creation is that of maintaining the style, voice, tone, consistent content across all content assets for a company. This approach helps augment semantic searches. Similarly, content on social media platforms must incorporate search engine semantics, for your content to be successful. SEO and Social Media endorse each other, and the reason why content marketers must use both options, so as to draw the attention of, engage and convert potential customers.

Use SEO Data to Inform and Measure Your Success

There are specific tools available online, such as Google Analytics and ComScore, which you can use to gather data on your SEO efforts. SEO efforts churn out an abundance of data, which you can download by accessing a tool such as Google Analytics to measure the progress your content has made and simultaneously also measure your success rate.

Leverage the SEO Power of External Sources

By using the earned, paid and owned media sources, you can leverage the inbound links, which form a large part of your SEO success. Presenting your content on “SlideShare” provides you with even more edge, as SEO as a matter, of course, ranks content on “SlideShare” higher than content that is posted on slides on your website.

Enhance your Content with Illustrations

Adding visuals, such as infographics, images, video previews and, ratings, increases the possibility of attracting and engaging searchers, resulting in creating more traffic, which ultimately leads to effective use of search engine optimization.

Decisive Factors Involved in Choosing A Content Marketing Firm

It can never be overemphasized that the success of your SEO and content marketing strategy is largely dependent on the content marketing firm that you choose. How does one select the right content marketing agency? There are two factors that play a key role. Check out whether the agency is SEO fixated or Social Media oriented. If the content marketing firm works along only on one of the two factors, then make haste to look for a firm that employs both factors in its content marketing strategy. This will definitely be the path to the success of your content, consequently promoting better business opportunities.

At LocalBizNetwork, we understand how important the success rate of your content is for your business to flourish and yes we are SEO, Social Media and Keyword centric. We also gather data and analyze SEO successes.

  • Feb 17, 2020

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